Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wee Bit of Me Wednesday

{one} what was your first pet and how did you come up with its name?
Pepper... a black cocker spaniel. 

{two} do you like your ice crushed or cubed?
cubed for sure.

{three} do you believe in love at first sight?
In some cases... maybe. Lust at first site is more likely! It may turn into love tho.

{four} do you have any nicknames?
Throughout the years I've been called many things. My favorite was Holliewood - not sure why - probably because my friend's dad started calling me that. That whole family was like my second family and it made me feel like a part of them.

{five} what movie do you never get tired of watching?
There are actually a ton of movies I could watch over and over. I love movies, even tho I never get to go to them in theaters.

{six} how do you like your eggs cooked?
Over easy or "slop" as we call it (mix potatoes, sausage, cheese, peppers, onions... whatever... in with your eggs in a pan and cook.)

{seven} are you named after anyone in particular?

{eight} what are three things that you would like to do that you haven’t done yet?
Sky dive, travel over seas, scuba dive.

{nine} what one thing always brightens your mood?
Cuddles from my kids or my hubby. Or sweet words from either.

{ten} what five things will you always find in your purse?
Wallet, my pill case, Excedrin bottle, photos of my kids, loose change - everywhere...


Muriel said...

I always have Excedrin Migraine in my purse every where I go!! I would love to skydive too. Holliewood, is such a cool nickname!!

Holly said...

Yeah... I'm with ya' on the Excedrine, too!! The eggs bit sounds yummers!

I always love getting to know people better!!

Holly Diane said...

My nickname was holmonster in college...I am with you on the love at first sight thing unless of course it's a puppy or something like that..:)