Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'm a loser! (Week 7)

I want to know who decided to have a holiday weekend in the middle of my diet! How rude!

It was another weekend of food, food, food. Every time I turned around, we were grilling something delicious or having a feast. I could not turn any of it down. After the weekend's numerous binging sessions, I thought for sure that I would have gained at least 5 pounds. I didn't even want to weigh myself until this morning so I didn't have to see how much I actually gained until I had a day or two to get some of it off. Luckily, I only gained one! So, in all, I'm down 11.

I have to learn to stay away from the "munchies" table when with a bunch of friends. If it's sitting out, I eat it! I don't even realize how much I've eaten until it's already gone and I feel like blow fish. I hope the 4th of July weekend goes a little easier. It's going to be a rough summer!

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Anonymous said...

I know all the munchies do suck , but dont deprive yourself or U will just get discouraged , 1 pd not so bad though , keep up the good work :) Its a new week !