Friday, June 4, 2010

MMM.... MMM... GOOD!

I made my first attempt at canning salsa yesterday. I think it went well. I guess the real test comes when I eat it. Hopefully, I wont end up with a case of botchulism!

I've made fresh salsa, but it's always gone within 24 hours and leaves me wanting more. I didn't really realize how much work it was to can. Sterilize... chop, chop.... cook.... chop, chop... sterilize.... oh, and don't forget to burn your fingers in there somewhere!

I was talking to a friend last year after she canned. She told me all I have to do was sterilized the jars, put whatever you want in your salsa and put it in the hot jars. You put the lids on and it seals from the heat... that's it.

Oh, so wrong that was! I hope she hasn't gotten sick!

I did some research online and discovered you have to cook the salsa to get rid of any bacteria. You MUST add an acid (vinegar, lime or lemon juice) to help preserve it. You have to put the hot salsa in hot jars and put them in a boiling water bath for an allotted amount of time, depending on the size of jar.

I wish I had gotten some fun shots of the fresh veggies, but I didn't think about it until they were all cut up and cooking. I haven't even taste it yet because I didn't have any chips (it just doesn't taste right without chips). I'm going to bring it to the camper this weekend and see how it tastes. Hopefully, it's not repulsive!


Anonymous said...

looks GOOOOD!! can't wait to try some :-)

Anonymous said...

hey there, i just got your facebook message, sorry i'm way late here! your salsa looks yummie! we have one jar left from last summer, and i am holding out on using it for a "special occasion". my market pantry salsa will have to do until i make more! bekki and i didn't realize just how much work it was to make until we did it either! seriously.....cutting, chopping, boiling, hot, hot, hot! we were beat when we finished! i'm glad you did a little research, you would hate to get sick! next time i see you, we'll compare notes! have fun at the camper this weekend!