Friday, May 28, 2010

Fix-it Friday

I love the photos of babies! The thing is, babies are such hard work! They take at least twice as long to do anything with. They need constant reposing, cleaning when they spit up, changing (both clothes and diapers), feeding, and don't forget the cranky times...

In the end, it's all worth it. There's always something great about them.

This shot was a little flat for my taste (has very little contrast).
So, using Photoshop CS3, I gave it a little more pop in "levels". I also fixed the colors in "selective colors" and cropped it in. I wish we had the little ones' feet in here. That would have been cute. I also touched up the splotchy skin by adding a gaussian blur in a duplicate layer, then masking that in. (I should have done this more, but I'm not really in the mood today - I think I'm too excited to go camping over the long weekend!)
I still didn't like the diapers; they distract from the real subject. So I thought I'd crop some more andtake it to (almost) black and white, just for fun.
Then there's this one... I really don't know what I did for sure. I just played around with filters and opacity until I liked what I saw. That's usually what I do!
See more fixes of this photo at i♥faces.

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