Sunday, May 9, 2010


A real mom doesn't always prepare a well-balanced meal - Supermom always makes sure there is a meal.

A real mom knows how to get gum out of hair, grass off jeans and crayon off walls - Supermom gives their kids gum, rolls in the grass and colors pretty pictures.

A real mom can tell when her children are lying and when they aren't listening - Supermom teaches lessons in lying and listening.

A real mom usually has sticky floors and dusty shelves - Supermom takes more time with her kids than her toilets.
A real mom wears frumpy shirts and ponytails - Supermom knows the most beautiful part about her are her children.

A real mom cuts coupons and hits garage sales - Supermom saves her money for trips to the zoo and birthday parties.

A real mom is always on the go - Supermom always has time for her children.

A real mom has kids that throw tantrums, fight with each other, and talk back - Supermom loves them anyway.

A real mom knows a lot when they have children but knows nothing when they have teenagers - Supermom knows everything when they become grandmothers.

Thanks, Mom, for teaching me how to be a Supermom!  I may not always live up to it, but I sure do try!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Hon.... I really think you are a SUPERMOM!!!!