Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Perceptive Perspective - Luck

PhotobucketWow! This was a hard one!

I thought I would make it fun ~ to go with St Patrick's day, but I think I made it hard instead! I'm hoping you all didn't have as much trouble coming up with something as I did. I had such a hard time, I have to resort to old photos! I have a feeling this will be a week of few entries...

I'm not one much on luck. I am not superstitious in the least. I think we make our own luck. I am lucky however, to have found a fabulous husband ~ even though he never lets me take his picture.

And I'm pretty lucky to have two beautiful, smart, funny girls who make every day interesting.

Come back Friday to see if I picked you as my favorite for the week.
Next week: Glass

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Tiffany said...

the 2nd is precious!