Monday, January 3, 2011

Your Best Shot Winner

PhotobucketWOW! What a week! It seems this last week has flown by. I've been so busy, half the time I didn't know what day it was. I'm actually glad it's over and life is back to normal. I'm sitting here, enjoying a nice hot cup of my favorite coffee, sucking in the freedom of the kids back in school. The house is quiet... no fighting, no dog barking, no Christmas music, no phones ringing of someone else needing something. I even woke up this morning early (which never happens) and fully refreshed (which really never happens).

I finally had time to go through your entries. I'm sorry I'm so late. Now that the holidays are over, things will hopefully get back on track and I'll be able to blog more frequently again and maybe actually be on time with things!

Your entries were awesome! I had a hard time picking... honestly! My number one pick is this amazing shot by Elizabeth from Musings. I can't imagine the timing it took to set this shot up.

Number two is this nature shot from Art at Rew Photo. He takes beautiful nature photography. He seems to capture beauty instead of creating it in editing... I love that! It reminds me to keep it simple. The timing in this shot must have been even more difficult than the first. I can't believe the sharpness of this shot!

Number three is a cutie by Natalie at The Franklins. I love the colors and softness of this shot... and the perspective!

Next week is "A Fresh Start". Interpret it how you may (that's half the fun - that's why I don't explain what I want for the theme). Get out there in 2011 and shoot your heart out! 


Elizabeth @ Musings said...

WOW, thank you! This totally made my day to pull up you page and see my photo. I am honored to have it chosen! There were so many other lovely and fun shots. I enjoyed looking at all of them.
Happy New Year!

My Captivating Images said...

Those are some amazing shots!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Hollie - its an honor to be slected as one of the three, as I saw a lot of great shots at the other sites.