Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Perceptive Perspective - Life and Death

PhotobucketLike I said last week, I know this is kind of a morbid subject. But I see fall as the end of life ~ the end of growth.  So, show me just that!

You may have noticed that I made a slide of the weekly winners and posted it to the right. I love this because there is a constant reminder of all of your great photos and where you can find them. (If you are a winner and would not like your photo included, please just let me know and I'll take it off.)

Also, I have to congratulate Natalie at The Franklins for winning the September favorite vote (that you voted for) for her "hands" entry. Great photo Natalie!


Anonymous said...

such beautiful shots! love all the colors and love the brown of the last two shots too!

Anonymous said...

really like the last pic!

Teresa said...

Your pictures are great! I love the beauty of the dying plants.