Monday, August 2, 2010

More on Monday

Here I go again... starting something new! I've been getting so much traffic on my site since starting my Perceptive Perspective again. I want to keep you all coming back!

I've decided to do what I call "More on Monday". I going to do how-to blogs every Monday. This might be a quick lesson on editing a photo, tips on making your blog better, or just tips and tricks for an every-day mom. If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them and do my best to teach something new!

Today, I'm going to start with something easy.

Have you ever noticed that some Blogger blogs don't have the ugly Blogger bar across the top? Mine doesn't - take a look. (If you're not a Blogger user, this is a banner that stretches the entire way across the top, taking away from your beautiful blog.)

You can get rid of yours! Just follow these easy to follow instructions.

* Go to your Blogger dashboard.
* Click on Design.
* Click on Edit HTML.
* Find where it says (this should be pretty close to the top)

      /* Variable definitions

*Copy and paste the following above that

      .navbar {display:none;}

* DONE! Your bar should be gone!

Simple - right?!?! Who'da thunk?

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