Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm a loser! (Week 11)

I know I'm a day late... This week has completely gotten away from me... again! The girls have had swimming lessons every morning and the afternoons have all been filled with something. Yesterday was no exception.

I'm down another pound... yep, just one pound, but better than gaining a pound I guess. I have to keep looking at this whole thing as a "glass half full" sort of thing. I have to take every pound with pride, not shame that it's not more. Otherwise, I'll drive myself crazy and give up!

So now I'm only one pound away from my first goal of 15! Hopefully, next week I'll hit it. I'm hoping this holiday weekend wont do any damage to my eating habits. I just have to keep asking myself, "Am I really hungry or am I just eating because it's there and it's something to do?" and, "Is that second helping really necessary?"

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