Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"Mom, I can't sleep."

It's what every mom dreads at one o'clock in the morning. Unfortunately, it happens more often than not. Mom's, you can relate... you get up, figure out what they need and (at least try to) get them back int their own bed. Meanwhile, dads are busy snoring away in sweet slumber!

Last night, this is what I woke up to... yet again.

Lexi was standing there in the dark, expecting me to let her in my bed. I had literally just fallen asleep after fighting myself to fall asleep for the past hour. I was in no mood to fully wake up and start all over. So I reached out to lift her into bed.

Then it hit me...

A familiar stench hit my nostrils. At the exact same time, I had placed my hand on a moist arm of a shirt.


"Did you throw up?" I ask.


I quickly turn on the light to see what I had put my hand in. Sure enough... her arm and hair were covered with light brown slime. I was just thankful that I didn't get her pulled into my bed before I realized what she was covered in!

While washing her up, I asked her why she lied and told me she hadn't thrown up. "I thought you'd be mad," she said with a sad face. My heart broke a little. How could I ever be mad at a sick child?

After stripping her bed, getting her tucked back into bed and throwing a load in the washer, I headed back to bed myself. Darren, of course, had slept through the whole ordeal. It had been nearly an hour, and now I was wide awake again!

Here's to all you puke covered, sleep deprived moms out there! May you have a peaceful night tonight...

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