Thursday, December 10, 2009

What a week!

I'm BAAAAACK! I know, some of you may not have even noticed. Heck, some of you don't even care, for that matter. But I haven't posted for nearly a week. It's not highly unusual if I'm having a busy week. This last week, however, I've been without a computer!


Some of you can live without a computer for a while and not notice... me... not so much! I love and live by my computer. I know I shouldn't, but I do! So forgive me! Some people can't live without their cell phones, or iPods, or whatever other crazy contraption. For me, it's my computer.

Emma was sick Monday and Tuesday this week, then there was no school yesterday because of the snow. The girls were bored all week and so was I! Emma wasn't up for running around and playing, just chilling on the couch. But one can only take so much tv before they go insane! I read a book, but that only took a day and a half...

Finally today, everything is back to normal... school, computer, peace and quiet (without non-stop fighting in the house). The world is right again!

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