Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My sad and lonely tree

What is it about a Christmas tree that makes the season come alive? To me, it's always been the sign of Christmas in our house. Until that tree is up and decorated just right, it's not time for Christmas yet.

One year, when the kids were really little, we did not get a tree because we figured they would just pull everything off and ruin it. It just did not seem like Christmas at all that year, even with other decorations up around the house. We still shopped and ate and sang, etc. just as I have every year since I was born. But something was missing...

Even this year we put the tree up about a week and a half ago. Darren was piddling around in the garage all day that day. The kids and I wanted the tree up and were determined to get it up that day. So instead of waiting (even longer) for Darren to come in and carry the tree down from the attic, I went up and brought it down in pieces. After two trips up and down two flights of stairs carrying a quarter of a tree, I was done for!

I sat to rest...

Of course, the girls bugged me to go get thee rest of it. But I still rested.

Darren soon came in and proceeded to give me grief for not waiting for him. He got the rest and put it together. Lexi was eager to decorate it, but by this time Emma was starting to get a stomach ache and didn't want to decorate it yet.

Lexi carefully hung the ornaments on the tree. However, she can only reach so high on the tree. I was still wiped out, Emma was laying on the couch, and Darren has no desire to decorate anything. So she filled the bottom half all by herself, leaving the top to stay green and lonely.

It has stayed this way ever since.

Now, even though the tree is up, it still does not seem like the Christmas season. I think it's because the tree is not finished! Looking at the tree today and seeing how sad it looks, I know I need to finish it... so the season can begin.

After all, it's only 10 days 'til Christmas!

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