Monday, December 21, 2009

My favorite Christmas memory $

Finally... Christmas morning. It seemed like it always took forever to get here, and it was finally here. Presents were piled under the tree. I run to see which ones are mine, but I notice there are only a couple little ones. Nothing big... except one bigger one for Heather.

One by one, we open them. I get a few trinkets, but nothing extraordinary. Heather opens her bigger present; a camera. It's a really nice one. I know that whatever she gets, I will get a present equally exciting. I'm pumped to see what the one present of mine left contains. It's a very little box, but good things come in small packages... right?

I excitedly tare off the wrapping...

I open the box...

WHAT?!?! A pin?!?! A lousy pin?!?!

I held a tiny saxophone shaped gold pin. I was royally jipped! Heather got a really nice new camera and I got a pin. Was it made of pure gold, with real diamonds? Was there another present hiding under the tree?


Heather is checking out her camera, a smile from ear to ear. Mom sits next to her showing her all the gadgets on the camera. I sit on the floor, ready to start crying. I hold back because I don't want anyone to know how disappointed I am.

Where did Dad go? He was just right here...

A few minutes pass and Dad comes walking up the stairs. What is that he's carrying? Is that what I think it is? NO WAY!

He set a case in front of me. A brand new saxophone! A new kind of tear was about to form in my eyes. I could not believe it! I open the case. It's so shinny, no pads out of place, no bent keys, no dents. Until this point, I had been using a 20 year old saxophone with more dents and dings in it than an old jalopy car.

Here I was feeling sorry for myself and I got the best present I could have ever asked for!

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