Friday, December 18, 2009

Bah, humbug!

OK, maybe I'm being a big Scrooge on this. If so, "Bah, humbug!"

On the way home tonight I heard some wonderful soul was anonymously donating twenty-five-thousand dollars to the city of St. Peter. The money is to be used only for Christmas decorations for the town. The town has been without any since the tornado ripped up the town about twenty years ago.

What's so bad about that you say? Well, it's great that this person so generously gave to make the town more festive in the name of Christmas. I find it kinda ironic that this comes out the day after I post about me not having many Christmas decorations because I would rather spend the money on other things. If I had that kind of money to give, I would not be spending it on decorations, especially in this fallen economy. Food shelves are empty, toy drives are bare, houses are empty while homeless roam the streets.

Why is it that our society has to be so shallow? We are more concerned about what kind of designer handbag and shoes we have on, how big the diamond is on our left hand, how many toxins we can pump into our face in the name of beauty, $200 hairdos, nose jobs, face lifts, $10,000 Rolex watches, and fancy decorations. We even have to over-do presents at Christmas... It's actually become ridiculous! How many toys do kids need to have sitting in their closet? Doesn't this just teach them to "want". Isn't this what got us all in the economic trouble in the first place? "Wanting" what we don't need, and not having the money to pay for it.

I know, I know... I shouldn't take this so bad. Someone was being very generous and selfless for the sake of many. I shouldn't turn this into a political, religious, or personal platform. But shouldn't we examine our priorities and act on the right ones?

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