Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Who came up with this idea?

Why is buying kids' presents so hard? Maybe all you parents out there don't have as hard of a time as I do, but I find it impossible! I walk up and down the isles until I literally want to collapse, with still no ideas. There is an uncountable amount of toys, games, puzzles, etc. I know whatever I buy, the girls will love. But like every parent, I want to buy that one present that makes them happier than any other.

I refuse to spend a fortune on toys that I know will either brake in a week or will be sitting, forgotten in the corner of their rooms. Then there are those toys that end up being taken over by the black hole known as Hershey (our chocolate lab).

They always could use clothes, but I can't buy any without them trying them on, especially Emma. She is very picky on her clothes; not how they look or the style, but how they fit. If they don't fit just right, she won't wear them. It gets really frustrating!

Darren wants to get them a video game system. He'll never admit it, but I think he wants it more for him than for the kids. I have a feeling if we were to get one, they would be spending too much time on it, at least for the first few weeks. Then, my guess is, they'll forget all about it and move on to something else, leaving the game to collect dust.

So now for the next month, I'll rack my brain over and over and take countless trips to the stores to try to figure out the perfect present. In the end, us parents do all the tireless work of actually finding the right presents, but the fat old guy in the suit gets all the credit... who came up with that?

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