Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Welcome to our mess!

Yes, I'm still here...

I don't' know why, but the last couple weeks have thrown me for a loop. It seems like I've been running from one thing to another. Once I'm finally done running, all I want to do is lay down. The last thing I want to do is come up with something witty to write for my blog. We had a busy weekend too. We actually worked on the house. We didn't do that all summer - too busy camping!

Darren decided that it was finally time to finish the back door entry way over the weekend. Literally, the day we walked in the house from signing the papers (3+ years ago), I started taring off the wall paper in that room. It was stuck on there so bad that I gave up about a third of the way in. I tried again a few months later with some chemicals that said they were "guaranteed" to work on stubborn wall paper. Guess what... it didn't work!

I tried scraping and peeling yet one more time about a year ago, still unsuccessful. I did manage to get off all but about a quarter of it. I have never dealt with such stubborn wall paper. What a pain! Now, you have to know that this room is NOT big - at all! Plus the wall paper didn't even cover the whole wall. So the fact that it's taken over three years to get it off, should be a testament to how stuck it was.

So for over three years, we've been welcomed in the house by walking into the worst looking room in the house! That's a great impression for company, isn't it? I'm sure they all thought our whole house looked like that. It doesn't, I swear! I actually love the rest of the house - except the main floor bathroom, which still needs trim.

Besides the wall paper, there was carpet - really dirty carpet! Who puts carpet in the main entry way of a house? That's nuts! No matter how many times you clean it, it never comes all the way clean and it never stays clean for long, especially with two kids and a dog (and a husband who is constantly working in the dirt or on cars).

Plus, with a new puppy this spring, she would go to that door and "do her business". She never made any noise or let us know she had to go out. She just went back there and did her thing. The carpet was absolutely disgusting! It was time to come out.

So Darren and his dad (with a hand from me here and there) put the new floor in on Saturday after I FINALLY got the rest of the wall paper off. The floor looks so clean and sharp! Then came my job, painting. I painted all but two rooms in this house when we first bought it. Painting is not a fun job, but it had to be done!

After things were in the works, I realized I should have gotten some "before" shots. But, of course, I wasn't thinking... again. But here are some during the process and some "after" shots.

These two shots of the plywood should give you an idea of how dirty the carpet was!

Lexi, trying to pull staples out that were left over from the carpet. Think she's strong enough?

The finished product... boy, it looks so clean!

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