Thursday, October 15, 2009


This week stinks! Anyone else having a horrible week? It seems like nothing is going right. It seems like everything I touch crumbles to pieces. Everything I say hurts someone. Everything I do is wrong in some way. What's with that?

Maybe its the weather!?!? Maybe the stars have aligned to gang up against me!?!? Maybe it's because I forgot to take my meds one morning this week and it's throwing me all off kilter!?!? (I haven't done that for a while but it usually does!)

I can't even seem to think of anything to write in my blog. I wish I had some interesting story or incite to share, but I can't even seem to do that correctly this week. I've tried and tried. I've started writing on four different subjects and just can't seem to keep rolling with it. My mind is as empty as my coffee cup sitting beside me. There's a big blinking sign over my head flashing "Vacancy... room for rent!"

I wish I could fast-forward to next week... hopefully I'll be in a better mood and in a better place! Anyone with me?

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