Friday, September 11, 2009

A quiet Tuesday morning

A quiet Tuesday morning in mid September
will always be a day to remember.
The air was crisp, the sun shown bright.
Everything was calm in the morning light.

One plane flew low over head,
not in the sky but a building instead.
We all thought it was a big mistake,
for who would do this, for heaven’s sake?

Then another plane hit the south tower.
Someone wanted to show their power.
The smoke piled out, thick and black.
Now we knew America was under attack.

Most ran out, their lives they did save.
Some ran in, so strong and so brave.
Some watched… some cried…
while some people died.

The towers fell, first one, then two.
With dust in the air, the sky no longer blue.
So many were lost in the rubble below.
We will never forget, that I know.

Evil had come and knocked on our door.
We now had to do so much more.
But a sleeping giant, now was awake.
For our freedom they will never take!

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