Friday, October 9, 2009

Perceptive Perspective - Fall

Well, week one… check! Let’s see how many of you have joined me in this. I expect that it will take a couple weeks to build up some followers, but I hope it will be something that you all enjoy.

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I really love the fall for photos, that’s why I picked it for this week’s theme. It’s so easy to get great photos with all the beautiful colors. Plus there’s so many things that tie into fall, so you can’t go wrong! I hope it was just as easy for you!

I shot lots of leaves. The color just popped and I had fun playing in Photoshop with them. This first one is my favorite. I don’t know why, it just is… I love the foreground and background with the one leaf popping out.
This next one, I was laying on the ground on my back with my head next to the tree trunk looking up. These colors were amazing! This one makes me sad! It’s what the campground is starting to look like… empty! I’m gonna miss my meadow rats!! Here’s where you come in… Click the Mister Linky link below and add your post (remember not to link your front page of your blog but your permanant link to your post for this week’s theme). I usually wont link mine in, but I’ll do it this time to show you what it’ll look like. PLEASE do not put your blog in here if you are not participating in Perceptive Perspective...

I will post my favorite of your photos next week.

Next week’s challenge is “Love”. This can mean SO many things. It could be a person, a feeling, an object, a hobby… the list goes on. You make the call, and have fun!

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B Lee Schmidt said...

Fall is my favorite too. Love the pictures. Nice