Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday Madness - Riddle Me This

I hope you like the changes I've made on my new site. I think it'll be a lot more fun for both me and you!

How did you all do in last week's human body quiz? Do I need to make these quizzes easier? I want to make it fun for you, but also challenging! Here goes another...

1. What goes on and on with "i" in the middle?

2. The more you take away the larger I become. What am I?

3. There is a town where 5 percent of all the people living there have unlisted phone numbers. If you selected 100 names at random from the town's phone directory, on average, how many of these people would have unlisted phone numbers?

4. I’m the beginning of the end, and the end of time.Who knows? - You might even find me at the end of this rhyme.

5. I can be seen when it’s cold, but not when hot. You need me to live - take your last and you're not.

6. Until you speak I’ll not be heard. I then respond to your every word.

7. The wind only ever blows from the north... where am I?

8. Look at me one way and I’m heavy, weigh a lot. But turn me around and you’ll find that I’m not.

9. I can be driven, yet have no wheels or feet. Can also be sliced, yet remain complete.

10. If you threw a white hat with a blue ribbon into the Red Sea, what would it become?

1 comment:

Hollie said...

1. Onion

2. A hole

3. 0 (zero)... You wouldn't find unlisted phone numbers in a phone book, so no matter how many you pick out they'll all be listed... duh!

4. E

5. Breath

6. An echo

7. The south pole

8. A ton

9. A golf ball

10. Wet