Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall's here!

Well, I could whine about how it’s getting cold and how everything is dieing outside. I could whine about the snow and slippery roads it brings. I could whine about the with never ending nights of winter soon to be here. I could whine about being cooped up for the next six months and not being able to camp.

But no whining here! I LOVE the fall! It’s my favorite time of year.

I LOVE the crisp cool air leaving me with the need to grab my cozy warm slippers and sweatshirt. I love sleeping with that crisp air blowing in my window every night and grabbing an extra blanket to cuddle in with. Plus, it gives me an excuse for cuddling closer to my hubby to keep warm!

I LOVE the colors popping outside. It makes for beautiful photos and perfect scenes. I only wish they would last a little longer.

I LOVE the anticipation of snow. OK… I love snow too. I love blizzards (not just the DQ treat!) I know they’re coming… it’s just a matter of time.

I LOVE the new shows on tv. I love watching the new fall line-up after the long boring summer with nothing on the 250+ channels that we have.

I LOVE watching the game on lazy Sunday afternoons. Either I’m with friends having a couple beers and lots of treats or I’m half watching, half sleeping on our couch throughout the game.

I LOVE cuddling up with the kids, having movie night with a homemade pizza and popcorn while the wind whistles outside.

I LOVE Thanksgiving! My favorite holiday! Most say Christmas or Easter. I say Thanksgiving. I love the non-stop yummy food. I love the family gathering without the expectations that Christmas brings. I love Black Friday, even though I never shop that day. I just love the relaxation of that day and putting the Christmas tree up that day. Then begins the Christmas season…

What do you LOVE about fall?

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