Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hello World

Welcome to 2BABYCAKES! This is my first post on my first blog so bare with me.

I have been wanting to start a blog for some time now but wondered why? Why would anyone want to read about my non-existent life? Why would anyone want to waste time on little ol’ me? Answer: no one really… but that’s ok. I love to write and even if it’s just a journal for my own purposes, that’s ok. In time, I can then look back at the pieces of my life.

Let me explain the name… My mom used to (and every once in a while still does) call me babycakes. It’s a name that I have always loved. Between being the baby of the family and being the baker’s daughter, I find it both ironic and endearing. I now have two daughters… my 2babycakes!

I have been reading a friend’s blog recently. Her name is Beckie and she writes with such love and grace. It has inspired me to finally start the blog that I have been longing to have for years. It has given me the courage to write my thoughts for the world to see, even if no one ever really sees it.

I hope this blog is as interesting to read as it is to write! I have so much I want to write right now, but am trying to organize my thoughts, so check back soon for more!

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