Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer Winner

PhotobucketI know summer has just started, but I sure have had enough! Well... at least enough of bored, fighting children! I know a lot of you are moms out there and I don't know if you feel my pain or not, but these last couple of days have been the worst. Any suggestions of fun for kids that doesn't cost money? I'm tired of spending money in order for them to have fun. What happened to the dog days of summer spent having water fights and playing kick the can and ghost in the graveyard with the neighbor kids? What happened to bike rides and playing in the park for hours? It seems now parents have to entertain their kids and in turn spend a fortune on zoo trips, arcade games, water parks, movies, and a million other parent targeted "I have to have this or I'll throw a fit right here, right now until I get what I want" items.

Now, don't misunderstand me. I do not give my kids everything they want. I've been known to leave a store because my kids are not behaving. My kids are not those type of kids... usually. But the more bored they get, the more they fight with each other and with me.

Ok... tangent over! Back to the task at hand!

By your photos, you all look to be having a good summer. Again you made it hard for me to pick a winner. I chose this shot from Grace Louise Photography. I love muddy kids! It just says F.U.N.!

All These summer pictures got me in a summer mood, so we will have summer-themed challenges for a couple weeks.

Next week: Water Fun!

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grace said...

Ohhhhhh! yay! I won. I'm so excited, Thanks for picking me! :))