Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Perceptive Perspective - Macro

PhotobucketSo last week I told you all that I was so excited that I finally (after at least a year of looking) found my macro lenses. When I finally spotted them in the attic, stashed deep in a box, I knew right away what my next theme would be. Two days later, my computer was acting up and I decided to manually crash it and reload all the programs. The factory default programs where all handy and I got them loaded without issues. Then I went to add my own like Photoshop and some others that I've come to love.

However... I can't find them! I'm getting extremely upset! I had an eventful weekend, so haven't had a ton of time to look for them, but I have looked enough that I should have found them by now. I have them all together with all my old music CDs. There has to be at least fifty all together; it shouldn't be this hard!

Long story short, I have no way of uploading my newly taken pictures and no way to edit them. I did not want you all to suffer for my lack of organization though. So I thought I would put my linky up at least so you can enjoy each other's. I will find them! I'm on a mission! And when I do, I'll add my pictures asap!

Added later...

HAHA! I found them! Of course, it's always the last place you look, isn't it?

I now have loaded everything and played around with my photos. I'm not extremely happy with them... the sun is not shining and I didn't get great light. But hey... better than nothing ~ right? I also downloaded some free PS actions and textures from i♥faces. Gotta love that!

Just so you know how small the above leaves are... here's actual size...

Next Week: Signs of Spring

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