Monday, March 28, 2011

Remove Blogger Banner

You may notice that I don't have the ugly, distracting Blogger banner across the top of my blog. It's super easy to get rid of!

Go to your dashboard, then click "Design", then "Edit HTML".

Find where it says:

      /* Variable definitions

Paste this code directly above it:

#navbar-iframe { 
display: none !important;


Kimberly said...

Thanks! I never know how to look this kind of stuff up because I don't know the technical names of things. :)

Tracy said...

Thank You so much Hollie!

Bunch of Barrons said...

Thanks for sharing. I might have to do this myself.

Tracy said...

I did it but... I have had to go back in and reinstate it as I don't know how to sign in and out, or how to new post etc. lol

Hollie said...

Tracy... I thought of that when I first took it off too. All I did was saved the dashboard link in my favorites, then it was SO easy to get into without having the banner... hope that helps!