Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Perceptive Perspective - Parenthood

PhotobucketI believe parenthood is a mixture of blood sweat and tears! It means giving up your Saturday nights out for Saturday nights in. It means board games and puzzles instead of concerts and dancing. You trade in your novels for fairy tales and your me time to we time. You discover that sleeping in means 8 am and staying up late means 10 pm.

Though it sounds like a nightmare, it's all worth it!

Next week: Winter Fun


HRANDICA said...

This is fabulous shot. Love it.
You are lucky with waking up at 8 AM, we are at 6 AM :(.
Hugs ♥

My Captivating Images said...

Oh me time??? Hmmmm....what is that exactly? LOL! :) I haven't been to a movie theater in atleast a year! LOL!

Katie said...

I love your shot! It's screams family love to me! And your comment about parenting involving blood sweat and tears pretty much sums up the morning we had!! It was an all out battle of the terrible twos vs mommy! :) But I wouldn't give that up for anything.