Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Freedom Fire

Yesterday in Perceptive Perspective, I had this beautiful shot of fireworks.
I named this shot Freedom Fire.... I think the name fits very well.

Fireworks can be tricky. You either have a tiny twinkle that is not appealing or you have a bright, over shot flash that fills your frame.

I figured I would show you all how I did this. It was actually pretty easy. First, I played around with my shutter speed to get the desired effect of the fireworks. If I had my shutter speed set too high, it did not get the trailing as seen here. If I set the shutter speed too low, it was a big blurred mess. I settled on 1/15, f 4.0 and 1600 iso.

This firework show was very small. This was at the campground we stay at. They fired one firework at a time. One firework makes for a pretty boring photo tho so I decided to put a few together. Believe it or not, this photo is actually ten shots layered, re-sized, rotated, cropped and thrown together.

I started with this shot and colored in what I didn't want in the shot (all the extra splotches up above.)
I just added from there...
I know I didn't have to put all those in, but I liked what I was seeing, so I just kept adding... It makes it look like a huge firework show!

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