Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ready... Aim... Fire!

How many people can say that their pastor not only willingly, but excitedly put themselves in front of a firing squad of a couple dozen kids with messy food?

My pastor told the kids of the church that if they filled three large canning jars with money for Haiti, he would let them throw food at him. They raised nearly $200 just of change they found laying around their houses. They each had a cup of apple sauce, pudding or whipped cream. I think he enjoyed it as much as they did.

After he got covered in food, and licking it off his own face, he walked into the sanctuary. We all wondered why he would willingly take that mess up to the alter. But he had a plan... He said this is what we all looked like - full of sin - a complete mess. He took off his hoody and sweatpants. He had a nice shirt and pants on underneath - all nice and clean. He said how Jesus came and made us clean by dieing for us. He took all the sin away and made us beautiful in his eyes! THANK YOU JESUS!

{I know the photos don't look great. I didn't think of bringing my camera (again) so I had to use my phone!}

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