Monday, February 1, 2010

"Peer" Joy!

There's nothing as sweet as seeing a family being reunited! I had the great privilege to see a loving family brought back together yesterday. Scott Peer has been oversees for the last year as part of the Red Bulls National Guard Unit. This was his second tour, his first being nearly two years long. They looked so happy and I (along with MANY others) am ecstatically happy for them to be back together.

They had an escort through town.
The neighbor even braved the cold in his socks just to say "welcome home"!
Aren't they sweet?!?!
We're so proud of you Scott! WELCOME HOME!!!

I'm entering this post in i♥faces "places I love". I think "HOME" can be a place to love - don't you think?


Samantha said...

I love it love it love it! Alot of the wives here are getting ready to VERY soon welcome homwe there hubbies from there time in Afghan. It's such a great feeling even as a wife who was lucky enough to have her hubby stay home to hear the happiness in the vocies expressions on the faces and excitement all around as Mommy or Daddy is due to come home!!!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely think home can be a place you love. This is wonderful

Lena said...

Aw this is so beautiful. You can see how proud those kids are of their daddy.
I'm so glad you were there to witness and capture these priceless photos!

Kerry said...

Of course 'home' is a place, and a well deserving favourite! Hopefully for most it is on their list because its where we spend most of our time! Great photos!

Becky said...

Beautiful, simply beautiful!