Saturday, January 9, 2010

Monster Queen of Sunshine and Lollipop Land

I lay there, desperately needing to go back to sleep. The clock glows 7:13... not bad, but for a Saturday morning, I could do better. I cuddle deeper into the blankets, trying to stay warm and hope to doze off quickly.

Unfortunately, that doesn't happen.

Within minutes, there are two little monsters in my room, fighting over who gets to lay where. There's also a pouncing, excited dog digging her bony elbows into my marshmallow center. OOWWW! One of the three starts licking my face... which one, I'm still not sure...

I drag myself from my comfy oasis, hoping the rest of the day gets better than the first 10 minutes of the morning. Standing, I lose my balance - of course. I've become accustomed to this, so it's second nature to grab the side of the bed. I slip my robe on and lazily search for my slippers, remembering I left them downstairs the night before. My tootsies are frozen on the hardwood floor, so I need to hurry down and get them.

Before I even get to the bottom of the stairs, I hear the two previously mentioned monsters fighting, yet again... And again... And Again!

"I'm hungry!"

"I hate this cartoon!"

"I had that first!"

"Stop that!"

"I get to play!"

"You let the dog out!"


Here we go... a day with everyone fighting and crabby... my favorite! This, of course, makes me the happiest of people to be with!

I muster up enough energy to reheat some left over pancakes for the kids. Cereal for me and the Monster King, a pot of coffee and "happy pills" on the side. Will it get better from here? I guess we'll see...

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