Monday, December 28, 2009

Crazy Christmas!

Well, well, well. Christmas is over... just like that!

We had an interesting past few days. Between feet of snow, Grandma's trip to ICU, traveling 300 miles in a car with 7 people and two dogs in a blizzard, taking a 4 ton Suburban airborne, five Christmases, two birthdays and a sale of a business, we stayed busy!

It all started at my in-laws Christmas on Christmas eve. I was happy that we weren't traveling that night because of the storm and walked over to my in-laws. We were enjoying the company and the kids all wrestling in the background. I got a call from Mom at about 10:00 saying that Grandma had been taken in to the hospital by ambulance. I wanted to leave right then, but knew I couldn't with the snow.

Christmas day's snow was even worse. So we had to stay put. We ended up heading out on Saturday, taking it easy. If you've never been in south-western MN in a snowstorm (or just after one), you haven't lived! It's so flat there that the roads are glare ice and the drifts are everywhere. It wasn't too bad on the way down (I think we timed it just right.) They had feet of snow down there... not much rain like we had here. It was amazing to see all the snow. Snow drifts covered windows, weighed down trees til they collapsed and even caved in roofs.

Grandma got better a little each day. She's still in the hospital, but she's looking much better than a couple days ago!

We left early this morning, hoping the roads were still good. Of course, it started snowing when we got on the road and the wind was blowing like mad. The drifts were unreal! We hit a few little ones, not too worried about them in the big Suburban. All of a sudden, it was white... then we saw it come out of nowhere. A drift was right in front of us, taller than the hood and covering the entire road. We had nowhere to go and hit it... white-out again. This time it took us into the air. We figured we were a couple feet in the air for a good 20 feet. The front bumper ended up cracked from the crash back down on the pavement and the back luggage case broke open, but it could have been much worse!

About ten minutes later I said, "Seeing that we didn't go in the ditch, that was actually kinda fun!"

Within another hour, the roads were clear and the skies were blue... go figure!

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