Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Silly me!

Emma's school is doing a reading program for the next four months. If the child reads 150 minutes to a parent in a month, they get their name put up on a board and they get a chance to win a prize. If they do it all four months, they get a chance to play a version of Deal or no Deal for prizes. Emma is convinced that she will win "two-thousand dollars" in it!

So, Emma has been so into reading this month. She's already read over 300 minutes to us! (No, extra minutes don't do anything for you, but she still wants to read as much as she can.) It seems like she can't get enough. It's nice to see. Even Lexi has been watching her and now wants to read more.

Last night, Emma read the entire "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" book to me. It took a little over an hour for her to get through it, but she did it with surprisingly little help from me. What can I say.... my heart grew three sizes that day! ;)

Then this morning, she came into my room early. It was still dark and I expected her to just crawl into bed with me for another half hour snooze until we had to get her up and ready for school. Oh, how wrong I was! She didn't crawl into bed with me. She just stood next to me and said, "I'm ready!"

"Ready for what?" I say, still half asleep.

"Ready for school, silly!"

How silly am I?!?! DUH! She had gotten her clothes on, brushed her hair and her teeth, and even had her shoes on! All she had left to do was to eat breakfast. School starts at 8:10 and we only live a block away, so she can leave here at five after and still have plenty of time to get to school. I sleepily look at he clock... 6:42! Well, why wouldn't she be ready already? Silly me!

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