Thursday, October 22, 2009

New show in town

A stack of blank paper... $2

A full roll of tape.... $2

Two nights of quiet with two busy girls having fun... PRICELESS!

The girls have been busy the last couple days. They love doing art projects and since Holloween is coming up, they decided to make decorations. Thinking they were going to hang them around the house, I gave them the paper and let them go to town. It kept them busy for two nights from right after school almost until bed time!

Little did I know, they would be hanging them in out big bay window for the whole town to see. It's actually really cute! They made bats, witches, pumpkins and even floating heads. They've filled three windows (at least up as high as they could reach). These windows face the busiest street in town and everyone that drives by gets a show!

They named all the witches "Mary"! For all you Meadow Rats, you understand why.

See the witches at the top of this next one? They're even riding on broomsticks.

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NANA said...

Girls--I LOVE your decorations and I do see the resemblence to Mary!!