Tuesday, October 6, 2009

MN Sports ROCK!

I’m sure you’ve all heard, but this last couple days have been interesting for Minnesota sports fans – to say the least! It’s been fun to watch and be a part of (even though I’m not actually participating).

It all started with a couple crazy Twins games on Friday and Saturday. Friday’s game, they were ahead 10-0 by the fourth inning. But the Twins let the Royals get 7 runs in the next couple innings, making us all bite our nails for the last half of the game. Saturday was another nail-biter! Again, they pulled it off.

Then Sunday’s game was one for the records. Kubel hit two 3-run homeruns! Young had two homeruns and Cuddyer added one more. They won what was supposed to be the LAST Metrodome game 13-4. It was quite a show! The post game ceremony was fun to watch too with the top ten Metrodome moments and all the Twins veterans. It took me back to my childhood… watching the game from the “cheap seats” in the nose-bleed section; Dad whistling the “charge” call louder than anyone around; being AT the World Series game 2 in 1991; and (best of all) meeting Herby at my uncle’s house when I was about ten years old!

Last night was the Viking-Packer game… OH BOY! Now there’s something to watch! Favre as a Viking against his old team (our arch enemies)… on Monday Night Football! Can’t get any better than that! Probably most of you were watching (or at least heard the highlights), but it was a great game. It was such a CRAZY first half… Vikings ahead… tied… Vikings ahead… tied… VIkings ahead… My head was spinning. At least no one can say it was boring! The second half wasn’t as exciting, but was still awesome! Watching Favre kick some Packer tail was the best football I’ve seen from the Vikes since I became a fan about 15 years ago. It’ll be interesting to watch what happens when we travel to Green Bay!

The one thing I got out of the football game that I didn’t like was that I learned they have already renamed the dome. What? The body’s not even cold… It’s like a guy that just lost his wife and the next day he goes and finds a new, young chippy. I don’t know about you, but the “Mall of America Feild” will ALWAYS be the HHH Metrodome in my book!

“Now we gotta come back here on Tuesday and drink some more beer!” Kent Hrbek said at the ceremony on Sunday. Twins return this afternoon for game 163 at 4:00 against the Tigers in the tie-breaker for ALCS division champ title. I would LOVE to be at the game! (Anyone want to go?) They are the ONLY team in Major League history to play a tie-breaker game in back-to-back seasons. Hopefully, this year will turn out better than last! GO TWINS!

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