Thursday, September 17, 2009

Out to the movies

A couple weeks ago I went out to the movies for the first time in two years. I met a couple of friends at the theater with my heart set on a romance because, God knows, getting Darren to watch a romance with me is like getting him to down a shot of gasoline! So, I walk in the theater all excited, ready for my heart to melt.

Instead, they want to go see Julie and Julia - the new one with Meryl Streep and Amy Adams. I was NOT excited any more! But I said, “Sure, that looks good too. I don’t care what we see.”

Of course, deep down I was thinking Ick… that looks so ridiculously stupid. Why would I waste my time on that?

We pay our $8 each to see a movie that in six months we can rent (and tape) on pay-per-view for only $4 and watch as many as we want. Who comes up with this stuff?

We then head to the snack counter and again each shell out at least another $8 on popcorn, candy and pop that literally cost the theater a couple of bucks. Now easily $50 lighter between the three of us, I remember why I don’t do this very often.

We proceed into the movie that I (if you recall) wasn’t excited about in the first place. Soon the lights dim and we watch easily 15 minutes worth of previews and commercials. I didn’t realize that they were now showing regular commercials at the theater. Thanks to DVR and Tivo, no one is watching them on tv anymore, so they have to put them somewhere I guess.

Surprisingly enough, the movie turned out to be really cute! My favorite line was, “It’s hotter than a stiff cock!” I guess it made it more funny that it was coming from a 40-some year old woman in the 1950’s. By the end, I realized that it was a movie that Darren would have never sat through and I had two friends by my side. I also got to laugh, which I find myself not doing enough of these days. And I got a break from reality, even if just for a little while. So maybe it was worth all that hard-earned money after all, at least every once in a while. And who needs a sappy romance anyway when you’re already so in love?? heehee!

The movie was based on Julia Child, the well known chef and tv personality and a woman who had a crummy job, wanting to find some fun in life, or at the very least, some time to kill. She cooks out of Julia’s cookbook and blogs about it every day for a year. She finds a new passion, and rekindles some old ones as well.

So, here I am… trying to write an entertaining blog for something to do. I guess, the difference is that she got the “entertaining” part down. Me, I’m still working on it!

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