Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Nobody puts Baby in the corner!"

The music is loud with a beat that wont quit. The rhythm makes me tap my foot as I sing along with the words. I start to sway from side to side. I have the urge to run to the dance floor. I can’t seem to get there fast enough. A friend follows close behind. I turn and sway and jump. I dance my heart out. A new song comes on and I continue without missing a beat.

There’s nothing like being free out on theat dance floor. I love how a different song brings out a different style of dance, a different move, a different emotion. I would spend most of the night out on that floor, not wanting the night to end. When the band took a break or the DJ finally packed up for the night, there was always a sinking feeling in my heart. I felt like the fun was ending, never to begin again.

Now however, I sit in the corner. Watching everyone else have the fun. Wishing I could be the one out there. I may dance a song or two, but I pay for it immediately. I see friends having fun. I see kids twirling and laughing. I long to be out there with them.

Out of all the things I miss out on now, dancing tops the list. I miss that rush that only a unforgetable song with a great beat brings. I miss spending all night feeling carefree out there. I miss laughing with my friends as one of us do a ridiculous move. I miss dancing with my girls. I miss spinning them as the giggle. They beg me to join them, but I can only for a few sweet short minutes.
I just want someone to come and take me out of the corner…

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