Tuesday, September 15, 2009

8 years!

Wow! Time flies! It’s been eight years already since Darren I were married. It’s been a crazy, wonderful ride.

The day we got married, Darren was still recovering from his 4-wheeler accident only two and a half months before. Also, 9-11 was only four days prior. The whole country was torn up. There were no flights to or from anywhere. We didn’t know who would be there and who wouldn’t.

We were married in the church that is now only yards away from our house. The day was dreary and rainy. It wasn’t pouring, but it was raining just enough to frump down everything a bride doesn’t want frumped! By the time the ceremony was done, the sun was trying to peek out between clouds and it turned out to be a pretty nice day. There were tons of people… now I wish I hadn’t invited all of them. A quaint little wedding would have been better. However, everyone I loved was there… most importantly, Darren! He was terrified, even tho he’ll never admit it now. He was terrified, not of marrying me (at least that what I tell myself), but of being the center of attention.

We’ve since lived in three towns, all withing 20 miles (we branch out – BIIIG time). We have the two most beautiful girls in the world and now are on our third dog (this one will last… promise). We are happy together… that is when I remember to take my meds… LOL!

He’s a great husband and an awesome dad who would do anything for his three girls! Here’s to another fifty years! I love you Darren!

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