Tuesday, March 31, 2009

You're from my generation IF...

At one point in your life it was cool to pin your pants

$5 could buy you enough candy to last a month

You’ve roller skated to Guns and Roses

You thought Zack and A.C. were the best things ever on “Saved by the Bell”

Hair… the bigger, the better

There were no cell phones, texting, internet, or blogs… you actually talked to each other!

It was safe to play ghost in the graveyard, red light – green light, kick the can, freeze tag, and dodge ball

You know where “Whao!”, “Did I do that?”, “SHWING!”, “You got it, dude!” and “NORM!” came from

Super Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt were the video games of choice

Every family strived to be like the Ingles and the Cosby families

You MADE your Halloween costume, not bought it

There was actually “family programing” appropriate for all ages (other than cartoons)

A Hammer was more than a tool

“Punk Rockers” were the only ones running around with crazy hair colors

You can sing every word of the theme song from ”Fresh Price”

You thought Molly Ringwald was SO cool

Madona was actually “Like a Virgin” (or as close as she could be – lol)

Feel free to add your own in the comments… It’s kinda fun looking back!

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