Friday, March 6, 2009

From a soldier

I just found this on the internet writen by a solder and I thought it was so well said that I wanted to share it with you…

I just want to discuss the war in Iraq for a moment. Since I have been there, I want to help everyone who hasn’t and give them a clue. First and foremost, we are working for the betterment of our fellow man. We have released these people from decades of tyranny and oppression. We are helping a people who have been kept in the dark for so long their women are illiterate and they still wipe their behind with a bare hand amongst a long list of other issues.

But where are the WMD’s? Well, lets see, finding multiple mass graves with body counts of 30,000 to 50,000 dead, I think, qualifies Suddam and his posse as weapons of mass destruction. And lets not forget all the torture chambers. So, lets put this in perspective. Two of Saddams mass graves are equivalent to the destruction at Nagasaki in WWII. And what caused that? Oh yeah, a nuclear bomb.

Well we got Saddam so we can pull out right? Let’s make reference to the war on drugs or anything really that has a food chain and a way of life people are used to. Let’s say we kill a drug lord. Do the rest of the drug runners just give up and say alright, I’m ready to lead a good and fulfilling life now? Not so much. The Iraqi people still need help rebuilding their nation.

So then comes the issue of the three thousand and some change Americans that have lost their life in the war in Iraq. That really is such a large number, but again lets put things into perspective. In the year 2000, 15,517 Americans were murdered . . . IN AMERICA. So on average, in ONE year, 5 times as many Americans are murdered in their own country than have died in the entire war in Iraq. And considering the Americans that have died in Iraq, did so making a difference, and doing what they volunteered to do, doesn’t seem so tragic. In fact, its not tragic at all. Car accidents are tragic. Dying in war, fighting to make a difference is honorable!
Fighting in Iraq is fighting for this country. For those of you who didn’t think about it, we took the fight to them so they can’t keep bringing it to us. Driving down the road wondering what is going to blow up next is not a pleasant feeling. Be enthralled you dont have to live with it everytime you start your car.

Saying you support the troops but not the war is wrong. WE POUR OUR HEART AND SOULS INTO WHAT WE DO! Telling us you support us and not what we do is telling us we did it in vain.
So before you think about being one of those liberal hippie a**-holes on the side of the road with anti-war signs, think about what’s really going on. Try picketing for better police departments or something that will help this country and the 15,000+ people being murdered here every year. Let the military do its job, it’s what we are here for. Thank you for your support. You are blessed to live in this country, as backwards as it can be.

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